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  • It’s time to get ready for summer!

    April 3rd, 2013

    It’s starting to really feel like spring!  The snow is melting and the air feels a bit warmer.  Have you started thinking about spring cleaning, or spring projects?  There are a number of post-winter home improvements that homeowners should do to get their homes ready for the summertime.

    • Take a good look at your roof.  Have your roof inspected for damages, fly-aways, and leaks.  Winter damage is common for roofs, and spring is a great time to get these repairs done.

    • Seed the dead spots on your lawn.  April showers bring May flowers, so seed the spots early and let the rain water your lawn for you.

    • Survey your property for damage.  Make sure unwelcome guests haven’t burrowed under your home during the winter, and fix things like holes in the walls and window cracks to keep the little critters from getting inside.

    • Repair any drainage problems.  During the spring, it is easy to see how the water is moving through your yard.  It is a great time to fix your gutters, unclog downspouts, and and make sure water is being drained to the appropriate areas of your property.

    • Prepare outdoor spaces.  During the summer, many homeowners enjoy spending time outside.  Get your outdoor spaces ready for summer by hiring a landscaper to build or repair your patio, dust off your outdoor furniture, and clean up your yard.