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  • Inspection Topics – Radon

    June 7th, 2010

    The purchase and sale agreement that Jaret & Cohn uses and is approved by the Maine Association of REALTORS(MAR) has a subsection for due dilligence or inspections. Any inspections and terms that are agreed to by both the buyer and seller can be conducted on the house. The inspection that comes to mind for most is the building inspection. However, there are two inspection items that you should know about: radon water and radon air.

    As a buyer you should educate yourself on what radon is and decide if radon is important to you. As a seller, you should also understand what radon is, why a buyer may ask to inspect for radon and how radon is medigated should it be found in your house. Also as a seller, you may want to ask your broker if you should have a radon test performed on your home prior to placing your home on the market.

    Two great resources for facts and information on radon are the US Envirnomental Protection Agency and Maine Department of Heath and Human Services.

    Radon can often be a tough contractual issue to navigate. Educating yourself on the facts and having a dicussion with your Jaret & Cohn broker can help ease the process and any potential issues.