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    May 24th, 2010

    You placed your house on the market. You want for it to sell fast, sell it for top dollar, and you want home buyers and real estate brokers to love your home enough to tell all their friends and colleagues about it.

    Chances are potential buyers will drive by your home before they schedule an appointment to see the inside. Stand on the street and look at your property. What do buyers see?

    Give your property greater curb appeal with these tips:

    • Is your street number visible? Buyers need to see they are looking at the correct property.
    • Mow and edge your lawn regularly. (Don’t forget to take your for sale sign out of the ground before mowing.)
    • During winter keep your walkways free of snow and ice.
    • Trim any shrubs and trees that are blocking windows and architectural features. (Extra bonus – this will increase the natural light coming into your house.)
    • Remove the weeds from any planted/landscaped garden areas.
    • Keep your yard and drive free of debris, toys and trash. If you do not have outside storage, organize these items in a place out of street view.
    • Repaint any peeling or flaking house trim.
    • Sweep and/or wash porches, decks and walkways.
    • Repaint, stain or weatherproof any tired steps, porches or decks.
    • Place potted flowers, hanging pots or wreaths near your door to create an inviting and welcoming entry.

    Lastly, ask your Jaret & Cohn real estate broker, friends and family to drive by your home. Ask them for any suggestions for ideas on how to make your home exterior showing ready. After all you want your property to give buyers a lasting first impression.