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  • Do bedrooms have to have closets?

    September 26th, 2010

    This just came in from the Maine Association of REALTORS (MAR) legal council:

    LEGAL SPOTLIGHT by MAR Legal Counsel: A long-standing rumor has resurfaced about bedrooms not being able to be called bedrooms unless they have a closet. I cannot find any legal requirement anywhere for a closet. It is not in the building code. It is not in the MREIS rules. It could be in a local ordinance, but you would have to check with the town. It is not in the life safety code (egress windows, and two means of egress, but not a closet). It is not in the plumbing code (you need to be careful not to state anywhere that there are more bedrooms than the septic system design calls for, but closets don’t matter). So closets may be desirable, but not necessary or legally required.