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  • Deodorize your home for showings

    July 6th, 2010

    You get a call from your real estate broker saying that a buyer wants to see your property but how does your home smell? Do you have pets? A diaper pail? Did you have lobster and extra onions for dinner last night? Buyers won’t linger around a home that smells unpleasant. Consider eliminating or avoid strong odors while your home is actively being shown.

    Scented candles and deodorizing sprays are not pleasant to all people and some just temporarily mask the odors. Consider other natural or easy ways to freshen up your home.

    • Put cut up orange or lemon in your garbage disposal and grind up lightly.
    • Put dryer sheets in your clothes and linen closets
    • Place a drop of vanilla extract on your range or your oven. Heat up & turn off.
    • Bake brownies, bread, pie or cookies…
    • Simmer a pot of water, cut up citrus and cloves on the stove.
    • Place dried herbs/flowers like rosemary, lavender or sweet annie around the house.
    • Fresh Flowers… this will make your house look extra wonderful.
    • And season permitting… open the windows!

    Give some thought to the foods that you cook the day before a showing. Try to avoid cooking heavily with potent foods such as garlic, onions and fish. Replace any damp or moist smelling towels with fresh towels. And don’t forget to empty all your trash cans. Outside can smell also – clean up after your pet and make sure your trash receptacle is closed up tight.

    Let’s get these home buyers to linger in your home and appreciate its’ great qualities.

    We would love to hear your idea for deodorizing homes?