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Jaret & Cohn brokers take pride in being a part of Midcoast Maine’s largest real estate company.
For over 30 years, Jaret and Cohn has built a solid reputation of providing superlative service and professional expertise. Our drive and enthusiasm comes from our desire to help others find their dream here in beautiful midcoast Maine.

Photo of 001401 Brenda  Adams
Brenda Adams Broker Camden
Photo of 001442 Karen  Anderson
Karen Anderson Broker Rockland
Photo of 001359 Sherry  Armbrecht
Sherry Armbrecht Broker Camden
Photo of 001360 Thomas  Armbrecht
Thomas Armbrecht Associate Broker Camden
Photo of 015639 Robert  Bird
Robert Bird Sales Agent Rockland
Photo of 005087 Ellen  Bunker
Ellen Bunker Broker Rockland
Photo of 007287 Jim  Chalfant
Jim Chalfant Broker Camden
Photo of 001427 Ellis  Cohn
Ellis Cohn Designated Broker Camden
Photo of 007248 Zac  Cohn
Zac Cohn Broker Camden
Photo of 016498 Ben  Curtis
Ben Curtis REALTOR® Camden
Photo of 006564 Beverly  Doherty
Beverly Doherty Broker, Mgr Belfast Office Belfast
Photo of 010692 William  Elliott
William Elliott Sales Agent Belfast
Photo of 001438 Sandy  Ellsworth
Sandy Ellsworth Broker CamdenCommercial
Photo of 015378 Karen  Farnsworth
Karen Farnsworth Associate Broker Waldoboro
Photo of 014658 Valerie L. Foster
Valerie L. Foster Associate Broker Camden
Photo of 010694 Michelle  Gifford
Michelle Gifford Associate Broker Rockland
Photo of 012534 Robert  Graham
Robert Graham Broker Rockland
Photo of 004089 Pam  Gushee
Pam Gushee Broker Camden
Photo of 007163 Dawn  Harlor
Dawn Harlor Broker Camden
Photo of 001300 Charlie  Hunter
Charlie Hunter Broker Belfast
Photo of 001092 Carleton  Johnson
Carleton Johnson Broker, Mgr of Rockland & Waldoboro Offices Rockland
Photo of 014107 Charles & Mary  Jordan
Charles & Mary Jordan Brokers Rockland
Photo of 012136 Jack  Kelly
Jack Kelly Associate Broker Camden
Photo of 008900 Greg  Kilgore
Greg Kilgore Associate Broker Belfast
Photo of 600250 Diane  Kimball
Diane Kimball Office Assistant Rockland
Photo of 014838 M. Inez  King
M. Inez King Associate Broker Belfast
Photo of 016657 Elaine  Knight
Elaine Knight Sales Agent Camden
Photo of 010699 Carole  Leporati
Carole Leporati Associate Broker Rockland
Photo of 009132 MaryLee A. Lynch
MaryLee A. Lynch Associate Broker Rockland
Photo of 001479 Melissa  Maker
Melissa Maker Broker Rockland
Photo of 010667 Dale  Martin
Dale Martin Broker Rockland
Photo of 009105 Leonard  Maxwell
Leonard Maxwell Associate Broker Waldoboro
Photo of 001372 Maryellen  Mazurek
Maryellen Mazurek Broker Rockland
Photo of 015797 Stephen  Merriam
Stephen Merriam REALTOR® Waldoboro
Photo of 001358 Lee  Montgomery
Lee Montgomery Broker Camden
Photo of 014796 Dennis  Norton
Dennis Norton Associate Broker Rockland
Photo of 001433 Bridget  Palmer
Bridget Palmer Broker Camden
Photo of 001478 Brenda  Pendleton
Brenda Pendleton Broker Rockland
Photo of 012401 Joanna  Pinkham
Joanna Pinkham Associate Broker Rockland
Photo of 014051 Tracie  Pooley-St.Clair
Tracie Pooley-St.Clair Associate Broker Waldoboro
Photo of 001452 Wesley  Reed
Wesley Reed Broker, Mgr Island Group The Island Group
Photo of 001439 Janice  Samson
Janice Samson Broker Camden
Photo of 004876 Dana  Skinner
Dana Skinner Broker Belfast
Photo of 001418 Peter  Smith
Peter Smith Broker Camden
Photo of 006992 Susan  Smith-Riedel
Susan Smith-Riedel Broker Rockland
Photo of 014136 Heidi  Steele
Heidi Steele Broker, Mgr Camden Office Camden
Photo of 016351 James  Thompson
James Thompson Sales Agent Rockland
Photo of 005391 Sharon  Tucker
Sharon Tucker Associate Broker Camden
Photo of 015460 Alexandra  Uhll
Alexandra Uhll Associate Broker Camden
Photo of 001435 Jarmila  Volena
Jarmila Volena Broker Camden
Photo of 006575 Carole  Wright
Carole Wright Broker Rockland
Photo of 001437 Gail  Young
Gail Young Broker Camden
Photo of 016006 Suzanne  Young
Suzanne Young Sales Agent Camden
  • Testimonials

  • Kudos to Karen Farnsworth! She recently sold a home that was a thorn in my families side. Karen had never dealt with a short-sale before and told us this right up front. Karen took the bull by the horns, called the bank that held the mortgage, then promptly put all the items together that were needed to move the property. Karen sold this family mess in a few months for us!
    One thing Karen did that I really liked was keeping in touch. We have had other brokers for other personal dealings and they never added the personal touch or stayed in contact so much.
    She is A+ and our family highly recommends her.

    Erik S.

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